In my teen years is where I began my love for yoga. I was drawn towards a spiritual way of living. Fulfilling the mind body connection. Experimenting with many different styles of yoga, it was restorative yoga where I found that mind body connection. Restorative yoga became an integral component to my journey for spirituality.
Being one that suffers daily from mental illness and anxiety, it is the aspect of mindfulness that brings me clarity. Yoga grounded me, awakened an ability to succeed.
In more recent years I immersed myself in training during the covid lockdowns. Rekindling a passion and unearthing strength from within me. It was here where I deepened my own personal practice. The more I learned as a yogi, the more I healed. Utilizing those times of solitude, I obtained a 200 YTT certificate with the positive outlook to share my practice with others.
My passion is mental health and wellness. My teaching style is all inclusive. Creating a safe, positive space, promoting each student to be confident with their identity. To learn to appreciate their body and become aware of the mind and noise it creates. To make peace with who they are. The goal is to LOVE.